ASPEN WINTERPROOF STROLLER BAG modular footmuff 3in1 (0-4 years) - Velvet Sand

Type of product: Lämpöpussi

La Millou

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One stroller bag, two sizes, three possibilities!

A modular winter pram sleeping bag model that will serve your little one from birth to 4 years of age. A multifunctional option for the carrycot, pushchair, and also a sleeping bag for the sled all in one!  Provides comfort for the child during walks in the cold weather. It is cosy and warm, yet lightweight.

  • The modular design and the special layout of the zips allow for the shortening of the sleeping bag and create an option for a carrycot (width 53 cm, length 84 cm). Thanks to 3 separate zips the sleeping bag can be unzipped on the sides and also at the bottom, which gives the possibility of partial uncovering, leg ventilation or for example a nappy change. The sleeping bag is extended by an additional part attached with a special waterproof zip. The extending part is lined on the inside with matt polyamide which prevents it from getting dirty.
  • The outer quilted layer is sewn from waterproof polyamide with a selected La Millou design, or from a quilted velvet layer reinforced with a breathable and vapour permeable membrane.
  • The sleeping bag is a fluffy, very warm protection against the cold, wind and rain thanks to specially selected high quality fabrics.
  • An additional inner layer of special polyamide protects against wind, cold and moisture.
  • Both sleeping bag options allow you to undo the zips so that you can remove the entire duvet and leave the bottom part of the sleeping bag.
  • The strong, high-quality zips have comfortable rubber pullers.
  • The inside of the sleeping bag is a soft, quilted layer of elegant velvet.
  • The adjustable hood provides a warm and comfortable cover for the head and is additionally finished with removable fur.
  • The colour scheme of the Aspen Winterproof series allows you to combine accessories from different patterns, both velvet and printed polyamide .
  • You can buy muffs or mittens for the sleeping bag to create matching winter set.
  • First grade quality waterproof nylon 100% polyester.
  • The fabrics have the Oeko-Tex standard 100 quality certificate
  • Aesthetic, precise stitching ensures long-term joy of use
  • The design is covered by copyright protection.
    Made in EU (Poland)

Aspen Winterproof Stroller Bag footmuff is equipped with holes system for:

  • 3-point safety harness car seat,
  • 5-point safety harness car seat models which have a possibility to detach its harness!

A product hand-stitched with the highest precision and with the use of the best quality materials. Packed in a canvas bag and decorated with a heart-shaped charm. It is a stylish and unique gift for a little one.


  • length including hood: 115cm
  • width: 53cm

Tuotteilla on ÖKO-TEX Standard 100.
Tuotetta tulee käyttää vain aikuisen valvonnassa.

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  • Konepestävä max. 30°c, suosittelemme hellävaraista pesuohjelmaa, max. 800 rpm.
  • Silitys vain puuvilla- ja bambutuotteille, max. yhdellä pisteellä
  • Ei valkaisua, ei käsinpesua, ei rumpukuivausta

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