About Us

Mama Polka is more than Mama. Mama Polka is a baby, a toddler and a child. Mama Polka is about love, passion, home and quality ♥

Hello, I'm Oliwia!

I am a polish mother of two wonderful sons, who has lived in Finland since 2010. I love being a mother and always looking for something unique and special for my children. The idea for Mama Polka arose from an inner need and desire to unite the traditions of polish and scandinavian parenting and to bring polish roots to Finland - my current homeland. I do my best so that Finns can enjoy polish quality as much as I do ❤

A mother always wants the best for her children - this is the greatest worthwhile for Mama Polka as well. Having a baby and raising a child have shown what kind of solutions I make every day. Mama Polka’s products came not only from my own will and the needs of my children, but also from caring for the environment and production processes. In my store you will not find any product that would be mass produced, on the contrary! Our products are highly designed, made only from the best materials and lovingly handmade.

The best quality, stunning design and the coolest trends combined with safe and certified products that meet the needs of even the most demanding little people and their parents ♥. I want to distribute to you only well selected, best products from the highest quality brands, with no compromise.

So let’s rejoice in the best choices for our children and take care of our environment! ❤